Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family, Politics, and Elections

So Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant out of wedlock. Bummer. Thats a sin. Its going to affect her the rest of her life. That makes her family like so many other families in the USA. In fact it proves she "just like" every other family in the USA and in the world. We're all made up of sinners.
Barack Hussein Obama has taken the high road it seems and I for one appreciate his class in this area. He seems to have a wonderful family life and I praise him for that. Of course his little ones aren't old enough to have done any "major bad stuff," still, he knows that all families have problems.
But Mr. Obama points out accurately that this election is about the issues not our families. That is different from saying character doesn't count as some said when Mr. Clinton was running for office. His character did in fact count. Unfortunately not enough because he still got elected. But family does not necessarily equal character. Sometimes the best of parents have children who do things that disappoint us. One of my daughters died her hair red, another blue. I was disappointed. But I still loved my daughters and I think they would say I'm at least adequate as a father. (Well. my oldest may say I'm a good father with a little tiny mean streak.)
So lets follow BHO's advice here and not base our election decision on the one time decision of a 17 y.o. girl and her teen boyfriend.
Let's instead look at our own families, and our own mistakes, try to love one another, be the best parent we can be and vote responsibly. Because we are blessed to be US citizens and we should fulfill our duties to protect our freedoms and liberties.
May God Bless America.