Friday, January 2, 2009

Keep Short Accounts

What does it take to get a fresh start? Well, the calendar turning to 1-1-2009 is one way. The other way is with Fresh Daily Grace. Every day, every hour, every moment can be renewed by the mercies and graces of the Lord Jesus. Corrie ten Boom used to talk about "Keeping short accounts" with God. The moment you sense your fellowship damaged, whether it be an outward action; a cross word, or poor behavior; or whether its from an attitude; jealousy, or greed, or anger; You can take it to Jesus right away. Isn't that part of the wonder of grace? No need to earn the Lord's favor. No need to do penance and "pay" for your sins. Jesus already paid for all of them! Paying for your own sins would be an insult to the sacrifice of Jesus! You don't want to do that do you? I know I don't!
Let's start a new year "Keeping short accounts" with God and with each other! What if husbands and wives let ALL the old baggage go? What if children gave their parents a clean slate and let them try again. What if parents did that with their children? What if church members let the past be the past and issued a blanket forgiveness of anyone who ever hurt their feelings at church?
What If...What If We All forgave ourselves by just accepting and receiving the promise that God makes to us in 1 John 1:9? If we will confess our sins to Him; truly admit that sin is sin and we are guilty, then He will cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness! What a wonderful promise! Experience the freedom of grace! Free from guilt! Free from shame! Free from the need to earn God's smile and love. Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty, I'm Free at last!
I don't know about you but it sounds like a great way to start the year to me! Happy New Year!

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