Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy with Obama?

Is everybody happy with their vote for Obama? Apparently not with his approval rating below 50%. Remember the election showed his approval was over 50%. In fact, when he got a "bump" after his joint session speech, (which will go down in History as the "You Lie" speech because Congressman Joe Wilson R-S.Car. shouted that at him during the speech) his bump only took him up to 49%!
WOW, that's a bump?
Look, He looks like a nice guy. He's already had a beer summit with a cop and a professor and he even invited the V.P. Who hardly ever gets to do anything. Can you picture Biden on the day he found out about this, asking his secretary if she/he was sure this was on his calendar because it hadn't been so blank since he was first elected to congress!
I propose he has a cigar summit with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Not Glenn Beck, he gets too discombobulated when he's excited. And not The Great One (you know...Mark Levin?) cause he's too abusive. We want the cigar summit to be a happy place!
But here's what prompted today's post. I actually talked (via FB) to a young Christian man whom I love dearly who is STILL happy Obama got elected.
I'm not sure but it could be the old, "At least he's getting something done!" attitude at play here.
Although, he might be a socialist! Hey! Its a free country and The Bible never says you shouldn't be a socialist. At least not in so many words. (See my previous post: Is the USA a Christian Nation?)
But whatever the reason he's STILL happy about it, you need to know that I still love him. And while I may gently try to show him the error of his ways, I believe God is STILL IN CHARGE! And I don't really care about His poll numbers if HE doesn't!

I don't, personally, like what Obama has done. Oh maybe a few things. I'm glad he kept GM afloat, but not HOW he did it. Did he ask Lee Iacoca his opinion? Just curious.
I don't like ObamaCare. If they want to make sure the 15 million or so people in the US get health care there must be a better way to do it than to ruin the system for EVERYBODY! I don't want anyone to die for lack of an appendectomy or chemotherapy. But thats the least important thing to this president.
I don't like blaming the banks COMPLETELY for the housing crisis. Congress needs to step up to the blame and fix all their meddlesome ways first.
I don't like The increase in BABY-KILLING (abortion for those of you in south-east Austin) that will come with ObamaCare.
I don't like Him breaking His promises (OK, like every other president has but he promised it wouldn't be "Business as usual". "You Lie!" to Quote Joe Wilson.)
I don't like him villyfying corporate executives for taking elaborate trips etc. on the public dole due to bail-out money, when he and his family DO THE SAME STINKING THING! And his trips and fancy living are even more on the public dole.
Obama needs to remember this is a temp job as Kevin Kline said in "Dave." And he's here to make things better for people, not worse. So far he is failing in that ideal - ACROSS THE BOARD.
Let me say before I close, I apologize to those under 50 for letting this man get elected and mortgage the future of the US in a veritable ponzi scheme of spend now and tax later when inflation is incredibly high.
But then it was George W. that started this ball rolling with his late term give-aways.
What should we expect?
Maybe this is all a sign of the apocalypse. Even so come Lord Jesus!


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  2. Because there is a lot of confusion out there about czars here's a list.
    Notice Bush 43's number over 8 years and Obama's in less than a year. That's all I'm saying.
    (Prez. Dates #ofczarpostitions #ofappointees
    Franklin Roosevelt 1933-1945 12 19
    Harry Truman 1945-1953 6 6
    D Eisenhower 1953-1961 1 1
    Lyndon Johnson 1963-1969 3 3
    Richard Nixon 1969-1974 3 5
    Gerald Ford 1974-1977 1 1
    Jimmy Carter 1977-1981 2 3
    Ronald Reagan 1981-1989 1 1
    GeorgeH.W. Bush 1989-1993 2 3
    Bill Clinton 1993-2001 7 11
    George W. Bush 2001-2009 35 46
    Barack Obama 2009 32 35


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