Thursday, January 21, 2010

Balance, Perspective, and a Republican in Massachusettes

I can't help but think that there are some things that are important in the here and now. Some things really are! Love of family, a daughter's affection, a grandchild's involuntary hug.
One reason those things are important is because they are somehow linked to the eternal. As others have said, Right Now does count forever.
But some things pale before the eternal. Football, movies, food, Wal-Mart, etc.
But where do politics fit in?
Hard to say. IT affects people's lives in dramatic ways sometimes. And on the part of the politician, when you make someone's life much more difficult will you have to give an answer for that?
When politics cause economic disaster that's important. When families are forced to a new level of mental energy on just surviving and it breaks families up in the stress and children are the victims of broken homes because of shattering families - that's important!
But one man's policy is another man's anarchy.
When the conservative tries to float all boats on a rising tide of prosperity. Some are left behind through no fault of their own. Some are left behind because they are lazy. Some are left behind just because they tried but failed.
But some will be left behind and it certainly won't seem fair to them.
When the socialist tries to even out the resources so that fewer will be left behind, that's commendable, but those who worked hard for their prosperity and have to share what they feel is an inordinate amount with those who don't try, it's just wrong. Especially if their prosperity is taken from them by the force of law.
We all remember being taught to share as children, then being taught about the little red hen who palnted the seeds, grew the grain, baked the bread and nobody helped til it was time to eat. Then we spend the rest of our lives trying to find a common ground between the lessons.

A republican won in Massachusetts. Yippee. A Republican seat will be lost to a Democrat very soon. So what?

When I look at politics I see instead an eternal Kingdom.
When I look at presidents I see instead a King of Kings.
When I look at a citizen's duty to be involved I see my Savior who died for me.
When I think its time to say something- all I want to say is Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves.

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  1. Really appreciated this, and I love the new look!


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