Monday, February 8, 2010

Slouching Towards Old Age (To breathe or not to breathe)

Well, it has happened, remember the old Dick van Dyke show when Rob and Laura Petry slept in different beds? My sleep Apnea (which my insurance company doesn't think is important enough to cover a sleep study for) has gotten worse since Marney went to live at Papa's house. Now that she's back she can't sleep since my tendency to STOP BREATHING concerns her at night. My assurances that I always Start Breathing Again have fallen on deaf ears (which I thought was my job to have.) Hence, the opening sentence of this blog.

I need a CPAP machine set somewhere between tornado and hurricane, in order to keep breathing at night. I need a sleep study for the Dr. to look at and stroke his chin and say intellectual things like, "Hmmm, interesting." Then, after the AMA required chinstroking etc. he can "Prescribe" the machine. But Insurance won't pay for a sleep study. It's like almost a thousand bucks to do one.

Maybe Marney could film me sleeping all night, I could rent an oxygen sensor for my finger, and she could check my BP like every hour. Then we could take all the data to him and pretend I had a sleep study. To which he would Pretend to Prescribe a CPAP machine.

I'm not really whining (REALLY!) its just a conundrum. Oh that the health care system in our country was perfect. If only the Republicans would stop standing in the way or at least offer a better idea. Oh wait, They DID. Less government is ALWAYS a good idea in the areas where Government shouldn't intrude. For armies, police, judges and prisons, it does great. Not that there isn't a case of outsourcing those, too. But I'm happy to leave them in governmental hands for now. Everything else they try to do they maniacally distort. I'd like to get a bill before Congress to outsource Welfare and the IRS, too. Wouldn't THAT be fun!

Alas, it's not going to be fixed fast enough to help my sleeping.

I guess I will have to buy a better insurance coverage. And, somehow, I think that's the way it's supposed to be.

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