Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Church is on the Rock

For years, every summer, My wife, my girls and I spent long hours working on sand castles. We build these big ornate castles with lots of turrets and staircases. And on a few rare occassions people have decided to stomp on them after hours of work. Of course they’re ruined when that happens.

I heard* of a guy who put cinder blocks, and chunks of concrete in the base of his castles. Then when the stompers would show up, their bare feet suddenly met their match. Some people see the church in grave peril from stompers like secularism, humanism, socialism, post-modernity, politics, heresies, or plain old sin. They forget that the church is built upon a Rock (Mt. 16:16), over which the gates of hell (and the original stomper) shall not prevail.

*Original story from Gregory P. Elder

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  1. That's really cool. Theologically and practically. We should put rocks in our sandcastles! :D


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