Thursday, April 11, 2013

Infant Beheading, Severed Baby Feet, Screaming Newborns

Horrible Headlines right? But why aren't NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN or HLN talking about it? Let a conservative say something stupid and they talk about it for days. Let an Abortionist kill born babies and all we hear is silence!

Hundreds of babies born live were killed at the Philadelphia abortion clinic.  Image Credit; ReutersAs columnist Kirsten Powers wrote on
"You don't have to oppose abortion rights to find late-term abortion abhorrent or to find the [Kermit] Gosnell trial eminently newsworthy. This is not about being "pro-choice" or "pro-life." It's about basic human rights."*
We've been fighting this abortion battle for years.
I've marched on the capital, signed petitions, sent money to pro-life groups and wondered if it did any good at all. Thankfully abortions are not as frequent as they were a years ago, but there are still a ridiculous amount. 
Are all aborting mothers horrible witch-like murderers? No, of course not. Many are scared confused kids. Many are overwhelmed single moms. and most (probably) have been sold a lie that its just a mass of tissue. But they are still doing it and it's still wrong and people like Dr. Kermit Gosnell are facilitating, encouraging and enabling this rampant death culture that says, "as long as I can't see it its not a baby."
Ad to that Planned Abortive Parenthood's recent claim that its OK to kill a baby that has been born alive following an attempted abortion and you are closer to euthanasia's acceptance in our culture.
Just like the battle for same-gender marriage opens the door to people who say marriage ought to be for any two (or more) people (or things) that want to be married; gender, age, genus and species notwithstanding. So, the pro-death abortion crowd is expanding the borders of acceptable death.
But can we stop this argument long enough to agree that too far is too far?
Consider this part of the USAToday report:
gosnell powersNBC-10 Philadelphia reported that, Stephen Massof, a former Gosnell worker, "described how he snipped the spinal cords of babies, calling it, 'literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body." One former worker, Adrienne Moton, testified that Gosnell taught her his "snipping" technique to use on infants born alive. Massof, who, like other witnesses, has himself pleaded guilty to serious crimes, testified "It would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place." (My bolding)
We need to get a handle on this and stop the erosion of our long term view of the value of life. We need to pray and talk and cajole and win some people over. Not because I think this will have some affect on the Kingdom of God or some sense of Corporate morality; but because babies are being slaughtered.

** Note: from  Gosnell, 72, is standing trial for the murder of seven at the Philadelphia Women's Medical Society Clinic, as well as a woman, Karnamaya Mongar, 41, who walked in to the hospital as a patient, the Mail reportsIf he is found guilty, Gosnell will be sentenced to death. Massof, who await his own sentencing hearing after he pled guilty to the murder of two babies, claimed the clinic also cut out the spinal cord of nearly 100 living infants. And, for what it was worth, he said the clinic's instruments were rusty and unsafe.


  1. Why not offer ways to help reduce the number of abortions that are viable and will really help? A great solution would be to make birth control available to those who need it... Not only would that reduce the number of abortions, but it would also reduce the number of babies/humans being supported by welfare... seems like a win/win situation. Do you know what group has the highest rate of abortions? Conservative christians. It's time to help your flock.

    1. Is somebody hoarding birth control? There are many different kinds available. Oh, you mean free pills to anybody who wants it. Why?
      There are some very inexpensive methods of birth control and no, I don't mean abstinence. ;-)
      But the whole thing about Conservative Christians having the most abortions is an urban myth.
      According Guttmacher research:
      Non-Hispanic black and Hispanic women have higher rates of abortion (40 and 29 per 1,000 women aged 15–44, respectively) than non-Hispanic white women do (12 per 1,000). Most Hispanic women are not in the typical 'conservative Christian' definition. Some are and many black women are. But this tells us there is a greater diversity there.
      Add to that:
      In 2008, the abortion rate was highest in the Northeast (27 abortions per 1,000 women), followed by the West, the South and the Midwest (22, 18 and 14 per 1,000, respectively).
      Northeast and west have the lower number of Conservative Christians in the country, so this has a negative influence on those numbers.
      And finally:
      More than seven in 10 U.S. women obtaining an abortion report a religious affiliation (37% protestant, 28% Catholic and 7% other), and 25% attend religious services at least once a month.[38] The abortion rate for protestant women is 15 per 1,000 women, while Catholic women have a slightly higher rate, 22 per 1,000.[32]
      Now I don't know how you define conservative Christian.
      There are many conservative catholics, but they are not usually considered a part of the "Conservative Christian" definition. Thats usually reserved for non-mainline protestants, ie. not Lutheran, Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist. But those groups make up a large part of the White protestants who have abortions. So, in each of these stats, the numbers of "Conservative Christians" is marginalised.
      I would agree Conservative Christians are having too many abortions.
      I would agree that there is a high number of whites, Catholics, Protestants, etc. having abortions.
      I would REALLY agree there are way to many Blacks and Hispanics having abortions. And while the reproductive rates among Hispanics tend to be higher than other groups, it really disgusts me that white people have helped convince blacks that abortions are a good idea for them. Shades of Margaret Sanger.


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