Friday, June 13, 2008

To my church family

To my church family,
You make my calling an even greater joy, as I see people serving without arm-twisting, people giving without a guilt trip, and people helping with out asking anything in return. And on top of all that you are so gracious to Marney and I. Your generous gifts to us both in October during pastor appreciation month, and here at Christmas are just amazing. We are abundantly blessed. There is no way I can know everything that is going on around here, but I know God is doing some great things in people's lives. I see it in the concerned voices, the offers of help, and the questions about what God is expecting of us. Those are signs of maturity. The mature person asks what can I do for my Lord, not what can He do for me.
I'm spending a lot of time with my grandchildren this week. I'm writing this from Glorieta, New Mexico, where its about 25 degrees, the lake is frozen over, there's ice and snow everywhere, and my five year old grandson, James, is loving it! The two little ones, Peter and Silas, can't understand why its so cold outside, but we're all having a good time together. We're here in large part due to your generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of our hearts. And its our prayer that these holidays have been a blessing to you as well! God Bless and Happy New Year, Bro. Clark

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