Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why the "BREAD" of Life?

Got some ideas here why Jesus referred to Himself as the BREAD of LIFE, from A W Pink:

Why “BREAD” of Life?

  1. Its Necessary- First in the pyramid. Grains affect our hearts, digestive track, blood pressure, weight, diabetes and cancer. (USDA says so). Jesus is necessary to eternal life!
  2. Its universal-every society eats some sort of bread. Tortillas, white bread, corn bread, rice cakes, pita, even crepes! Jesus is the universal source of life in God.
  3. Daily-bread needs to be eaten daily for top benefits. Jesus should be partaken of daily for spiritual beneficence.
  4. Satisfying-Bread fills you. Three ounces (rda) begins the sense of food in the stomach and the reduction of hunger. Jesus alone is satisfying. Once the person knows Christ he will never thirst or hunger for Him again. He will hunger and thirst for Christ’s righteousness however.
  5. It’s the result of threshing-the grains: corn, rice, wheat, etc. are separated from their source, the stem and root. They are beaten, ground, and cooked to make bread. Jesus was threshed on the cross. Separated from His source, he was beaten, worn down, and endured the wrath of God to become our bread of life!

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