Saturday, December 19, 2009

I haven't asked a lot out of life. I don't do yardwork, iron, or open Christmas presents on any day but Christmas. Thats it! I'm easy.
When I say I don't iron its really cause I never got good at it. I will iron a shirt front if I NEED to wear the shirt.
When I say I don't do yardwork, I will mow and occasionally weed-eat, but I'm not getting down on hands and knees to pull weeds or plant a begonia.
When I saw I don't open Christmas presents on any day but Christmas, I MEAN IT!
Until this year. Its hard to be forced out of your comfort zone when you've really been pretty free with your zone over the years.
I learned to like broccoli. I gave in to calvinism. I've learned to do a number of things I thought I'd never do. And its OK. But I want to hold on to a COUPLE of boundaries! Is that so wrong?
I thought I'd give up ironing and yardwork before I gave up the "Christmas Rule."

But, alas, my kids are going off to Christmas with "His" parents. We could just say, "Here, take these with you and open on Christmas." but, thats not amenable to mom and the the sisters. They want to "see" their gifts being opened!

So, today, Dec. 19, 2009, we are opening presents. Not ALL of them mind you, but a pretty hefty bunch of them.
Hey what matters most? My rule or the happiness of my family...
Wait...I'm thinking!....

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