Tuesday, May 10, 2011

20 Things Men Should Know About Women

20 Things Men Should Know About Women

Repost: I posted this online recently: Ladies, what is one thing men should know about women? Your answers will B a blog post. Ready, go!  Here are the responses:

Macy Missildine (she says this a lot) If you are going to be there, be all there!

cindybeall When we say we’re “fine”, we’re really not. K? (In response to your ladies question)

_taylorlen if we put conscious effort into getting ready, please tell us we look good. you may be thinking it, but we need to hear it!

Anna_Light women like to talk. If you want to score some points ask them a question that sparks conversation. Oh and listen too!

melissamoore the vast majority of us mean what we say. If you ask & we tell you what we want/need, just do it. We loathe being ignored.

Jubilee888 Listen to our input with respect & pray about it; men are supposed to lead, but God didn’t give them ALL the answers. ;-)

rndspringer What we wish men knew: Sometimes we don’t want you to fix it, we just want you to listen.

ajkasza Women want their men 2 provide ldrship/ security–keep your job, keep your temper, keep your focus on God/home/family. Hope this helps!

katiemoon 1+ thing men should know: don’t b intimated when women r strong & don’t b afraid to lead even stronger.

kebrennan Men: We don’t always want you to “fix” it. Sometimes we just want you to listen.

Ashley Reaka Most of the time we do not need you to fix something, we just need you to listen to us even if it is difficult for you to understand.

Sandy Collum Sandmeyer We really do expect you to read our minds. That’s a flaw, we’re really sorry.

Shelley R. Smith if you cannot read my mind, ask me what’s going on in there. :0) communication is the key that will unlock the treasure chest and help you solve the mystery that is me.

Angela Nevius Dormer husbands, show your appreciation and attention when we dress modestly in public… then maybe we won’t desire to get attention from other men by dressing otherwise! (my man is the best at this!)

Christine Ramos Sarcione That we are most attracted to them when we see them playing with their children, laughing and having a great time!

Emily Tate We’re going to assume that every action/inaction of a man has a meaning behind it, even if it doesn’t.

Donna Ecton Don’t make assumptions or stereotypes about women. I’m not going to be/act/like a certain way because “women are supposed to/ that’s what women do”. That is so irritating! For instance, I’m not really that into shopping for clothes, handbags, etc. That doesn’t make me “weird”. Oh and don’t just shrug off our emotions to hormones. That invalidates our feelings.

Well ladies, love for you to add to the list in the comments!  Gentlemen, thoughts?

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