Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Soulful Statement on Baptist Theology of Salvation (OR - People get ready, There's a train a-coming)

Because there are some who would like to express their doctrine of salvation in a polemical way, to define themselves Away From another point of view; this statement has been proffered to demonstrate a simple way of recognizing the Lord's Awesome Sovereign Holiness and Love. Please accept this view of salvation that has been heralded by the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Rod Stewart, and U2. I have no idea if they would "sign off" on this statement as definitive and representing their view of God's saving work. But it suits me jessssst fine!

People get ready, There's a train a-coming
You don't need no baggage, You just get on board.
All you need is faith, To hear the diesels humming.
Don't need no ticket, You just thank the Lord.
     (comment: Salvation is by Grace Alone through Faith Alone. So all you need really is Faith! For without Faith it is impossible to please God. But as Eph 2:8-9 says, Faith is a gift of God. Unless God gives you faith, you ain't got no faith.)

People get ready, For the train to Jordan, Picking up passengers, From coast to coast.
Faith is the key, Open the doors and board them.
There's room for all, among the loved the most.
     (comment: While v1 says get on board, this verse says to open up the doors and board them. This implies there is another power at work than that of the person desiring redemption. God is the instigator of Salvation because there is NONE that seeks after God. And while God does love the whole world (or cosmos) and that includes all of his creation, he loves His own children the most.)

There ain't no room, for the hopeless sinner,
Who would hurt all mankind just To save his own.
Have pity on those whose chances are thinner,
Cause there's no hiding place From the Kingdom's Throne.
     (comment: The Hopeless Sinner is the sinner that will not repent. He has no hope outside of Christ and repentance involves "turning" to Christ for the gifts of faith and salvation. But we are to have pity on those without hope, proclaim to them the good news because there is no hiding place from the Throne.)

So people get ready for the train a-comin'
You don't need no baggage you just get on board!
All you need is faith to hear the diesels humming,
Don't need no ticket you just thank the Lord.
     (comment: We "don't need no baggage" because all our righteousness is as filthy rags. But the Lord has prepared for those that love Him, Robes of Righteousness and Crowns of Glory. Once you have embraced the Lord Jesus in faith, trusting Him for forgiveness and grace the only thing that is left is that you "Just thank the Lord.")

You may decide to sign on to this statement or you may decide not too. I don't really stinkin' care. I do care that you proclaim Jesus, as our only High Priest who came from God to humanity - representing God, and then went to God for humanity - purchasing the redemption of all those who would believe with His Own Blood.

Hence the Title of this statement: People Get Ready, There's a Train Comin'.


  1. I like it! Your context (in the email blast) explained a lot too. It is so much more appealing to fight those closest to us than agree that we're all pretty close and move on.

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  3. danna.baker
    4:48 PM (5 hours ago)

    to clarkd.fbcs
    Thank you sir, and I will say the same back to you,lol! As a former Church of Christ-er we had all the answers of course


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