Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Grommet (Installment 1)

It was a beautiful sunny springy morning when Bobo Bastrop set out for a walk by the markets. He was between his second meal of the day commonly called "briskets" and his third meal of the day which Bobo like to call "burrito-time." After the 3rd meal was naptime, then afternoon coffee, which may include a funnel cake. The evening meal was dinner (there was no supper) followed at bed-time by "bluebells."
Out to barter with his friends and neighbors at the markets he brought along a Bag of his own 1015 onions along with carrots and red peppers to trade. On this bright day he couldn't wait to fellowship with his friends; walking over the hills, wading through streams and wending through his little shiner, Bastropolis. 
Middle Tex
Since it was Marketday he just wanted to go there and back again. He had no intention of getting lost or getting shanghaied by his old Wizard pal (who lived in a mobile-hovel at the lake) to some cockamamie adventure involving dwarves and Dragons.
     But lets back up. Bobo's shiner, or village, called Bastropolis is in Middle Texas; an area of peace and harmony that is often hotter than H E Double toothpicks, but has its nice days in Spring, fall and 2nd fall. It only has a week of Winter, usually in February.
He is of a people called the Grommets, because, while they don't do much, they serve a useful purpose. Or so I am told. 
They come in all shapes and sizes but can be identified by their clothing. There are two rival seamstresses in Middle earth who turn out pounds of denim ware with rear pockets that have a curious 3 and a half inch diameter faded circle. There are differences to what the two Budas (widows) produce but it is best left to an expert to itemize them. They look identical to outsiders, but there favorites are fiercely championed by the Grommets. 
Many have come to grow their hair long except for the ones who start to go bald, they shave it all off. Men and women. And while 6 meals a day are common, some never really stop eating.
The wizard of Grommetland and surrounding territories is "Ford the pickup." He is known for collecting things wherever he goes and has acres of odds and ends that many come and look through when something breaks. Nothing there will help them, but its comforting to know that others have much more broken stuff than they do.
On this fine day, between Mike Eska's brisket stand and the Pig Stand, Ford, the wizard, stepped from seemingly out of nowhere directly into Bobo's path; making him jump back like a kitten with a cough.
"Fine Day Bobo!" Ford spoke confidently. Because, in fact, it was.
"You scared me to death pickerupper! What are you doing that for?"
"I have news," Ford started. "Grave news from the highlands."
"And your point?"
"We must retire to your house. You shop, I'll go wait for you." Ford had no sooner spoken than with a small movement to the right he seemed to dissappear.
"Holy Guacamole, that guy scares me sometimes." And with that, Bobo continued his shopping.

(This is the first of what may be many installments in the adventures of Bobo Bastop. Or, it could be the only one, who knows. I don't. Stay tuned. Don't touch that icon.)

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  1. Hahaha! This is fun, Dad! Kind of a post-apocalyptic fantasy? I like it. :-)


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