Friday, June 13, 2008

New York Revival

What a Revival in New York! From the moment Pastor Proctor picked me up at the airport, and also a picked a soldier who need a ride to Fort Drum, I knew it would be a great week. I was honored to share a back seat with one of America's finest for an hour and a half during which time he was invited to church by the pastor and his wife, and I was able to share my own testimony with him. On Sunday Morning the Lord began doing a work in people's hearts including repentance and recognizing a need for greater unity and love in the church. The turnouts were good each meeting with what seemed to be a "record" attendance Wednesday night of over 70 folks. They were a gracious group whose potluck dinners were "pert near" as good as Southern Potluck!
On Monday a church member and I made a visit to a lady's home where she was obviously thinking about her eternal state and she prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Hallelujah!

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