Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Baby Got Married

It came off without a hitch! Not the wedding, this burden of responsibility for my daughter's well-being spiritually and socially and physically, etc. It just slid right off! Robert Whiting caught it, put it on his shoulders.

Of course the emptiness I feel will take some getting used to. And the weight may not seem much to him now cause he's "in Love." But the weight will get heavier, and my incredible lightness of being will become more normal, and we'll all slip into this comfortable relationship of friendly adults of equal status and place. Ya THINK?

Father's with son's tell me its easier that having daughters. Maybe, but I don't know. Maybe father's with sons just relax a little more than they should. From meeting Robert's parents I have the feeling they took a very active role in son's and daughter and I'm not sure they distinguished a lesser or greater task of raising them in the fear and the admonition.
I think it comes back to parental effort a lot. But then what do I know? I never had a son.

I have 3 son's now, by marriage of course. We talk basketball, and programming, and machinery, and, now and then, on rare occasions, about marital relationships. NONE of which am I an expert on or even very knowledgeable about! But the convo's are different than with the girls. Its more manly. And for that, I thank my daughters for not marrying girly men.

Oh, and the wedding was great, too! Everyone did their jobs very well! Even my oldest grandson James who was in his first wedding as ring-bearer. (No not like Frodo!) He was sharp, handsome, and well behaved and all around a lot like His grandfather!

Rebecca was radiant with beauty and warmth and love and maturity. Robert looked good too. All my daughters, natural born and adopted, were gorgeous! All the men looked refined and supportive. My family came to the wedding in strong numbers and all behaved quite well-(whew!) The senior statesman, Papa pete was there and looked great too.

Oh, and then Denny and Willow and others helped Marney out immensely, working tirelessly to make it all a great success! I was also glad to see so many folks from Smithfield. What a treat!

All in all a great and wonderful day.

Then I awoke this morning around 7 and did something uncharacteristically spiritual. I sat on the edge of my bed and prayed for my baby daughter and her husband that their lives would be wonderful and happy!

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  1. Thanks Dad! I must tell you though, that this is James' THIRD time to be a ring bearer. ;)


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