Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Baby's Getting Married

What an odd feeling. My last of three girls is going to tie the knot.
This hasn't been the comedy of errors that hollywood likes to depict. Its had its laughs and tears and squabbles, but its been pretty clockwork. (Due to her and mom's planning.)
Of Course we can't afford the Wedding Planner, or the Wedding Singer, and there's no wealthy Father of the Bride.
But we have spent a lot for our budget.
But I think the most overwhelming thing is what a good couple they make.
Of course she's my baby, and alot like me, and she has her sister's help who've been this road recently. But its money well spent for a life full of happiness and bliss....right?

I was nervous. Both older daughter's husbands are good men. Could it happen again? Would we go 3 for 3?
I think we have. As Marney says, "He comes from good stock."
He seems to be a fine young man who truly cares for my daughter.

James Dobson once said that giving your daughter in marriage is like handing a stradivarius to a gorilla. I understand that. but I can see past that original feeling and see a good man.

Both parents have prayed for the partner their child would one day have. Seems the answers are about to be brought to fruitiion.

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