Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Train Trip to Nowhere (Fort Worth)

Because others have interesting photo blogs, I thought I'd try.
I took a train trip from Austin to Fort Worth. I've done this several times. I enjoy the easy going pace, the occassional funny view, and the usually funny looking people. (God bless their hearts.)

I saw the Round Rock Express ball field just as I was leaving the Austin area.

I also saw pastoral scenes and flat lands.
And I saw dry gulches and creeks.
I saw grazing horses, and at one point the train scared a herd of cattle and all these cows started to stampede.
I saw a big wide river. NO IDEA which one it is!

But, its not all flat land in Texas. Here's some more hilly, rocky terrain. The one with white rock peeking thru the shrubberies was really an interesting ravine.

And I like the little house at the top of the hill in the second pic!

Then I arrived in ever moderninzing Fort Worth, Cowtown, The Metropolis on the Trinity... four and a half hours later.
That's only about one hour longer than it takes me to drive it.
I don't know why Marney doesn't like the train, she likes to sleep while I drive!
You can sleep good on a train.

There were a number of interesting folks on this journey. Every hour or so the speaker announced, "This is your Snack guy. YOur snack guy is about to go on break. I'll be open for 15 more minutes then I'll shut down for 15 minutes. So get your snacks and drinks real soon. Thank You...the Snack Guy."

I met some old ladies who had never ridden a train before, so I got to be the expert and answer their questions. Like why do we slow down sometimes, or why do we stop sometimes when there is no station, or what do they serve in the dining car, and where are the restrooms.
Its FUN being smart!
Smart is how you feel when you know something that ordinarily smart people don't know!

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