Monday, May 31, 2010

Are you Moving?

If you have never moved a short distance you may be in for a surprise. It's tempting to think that if moving 2000 or 200 miles is hard, then moving 10 miles is easy.Let me help you over this logical fallacy.
The boxes weigh the same,
they still have be
packed, put in a truck or car or van, unloaded and then unpacked. What's easier about that?
Another problem: When my wife and I moved our family up here from Austin years ago, we loaded a big U-Haul and drove
away without looking back. Now, moving this 10 miles, it seems like we've moving for a month or two and we aren't done yet!
There are still things to load up, things to sell, given away or put out by the curb hoping someone will take it!
But as you may have guessed, there are spiritual lessons to be learned here as well.
Are you moving?
Are you moving from where you have been to where God wants you to be?
Are you moving from what you have been to what God wants you to be?
Is it an adventure or is it as much fun as pulling teeth...slowly?
When Marney and I moved back to Texas after college many years ago, it was difficult, there were hard times, but it was an adventure. When we moved to north
Texas from central Texas it was an adventure and we saw miracles where God opened doors and provided for us.
Moving from Saginaw to Watauga has been somewhat less than an adventure. It has been harder to see the miracles of God's provision. But maybe that has to do with our attitude.
How is your attitude about change? How is your attitude about the adventure the Lord has you on? Maybe it is time to leave some things behind and don't look back. Maybe its time to look for the miracles that are some times easily missed.
God wants His people moving forward, it's a long trek; it's higher up and farther in; it's Pilgrim's Progress, not regress!

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