Sunday, May 2, 2010

How does He love us?

If I could borrow an idea from Elizabeth Barret Browning, without borrowing her poetic beauty, lets take a look at How Jesus loves us.

As Messiah/Deliverer He loves as one who paid the ultimate price.

As Lord & Savior, He loves as one who is sovereign over our salvation.

As Redeemer/Friend, He loves as one that is closer than a brother.

Prince of Peace, He loves as the one who made peace in His blood.

Lord of Lords, Loves us As the creator and Master over all things.

As King of Kings He’s the one who rules over his subjects w/ love.

Son of God, He is the darling of His father who loves the world.

Son of Man, is the one who loves us enough to get down into this dirty pig sty of an earth with us and love us out of it.

As our Rock & Fortress, He is our defender against the evil one.

As Wonderful/Counselor he comes alongside with perfect wisdom.

The Good Shepherd lays down His life for His own sheep.

As The Vine he loves those His Father has grafted in.

As Lion of Judah, He will rule, defend, and love in His own majestic way.

As Our Jealous Maker he alone can claim our devotion and has paid far more than He had to to gain it.

As the Lamb of God He came to be the sacrifice that we could not provide for ourselves and became Sin for us.

As Jesus, He loves us as The older brother who gave His life to bring us into His family.

How does He love us? Isn’t there one of those you can get your hands around and hold on to?

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