Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Basic Presuppositions of Evangelism

15 Basic foundations to Sharing the Gospel
Did I miss any? Are all of these Valid?
1.      The message is God’s; we are just the communicators of the gospel.  2Co 11:7; Mk 1:1/ Mar 16:15
2.       God can use anyone open to serving Him, and bless the efforts of his people whether they are gifted (as evangelists) or not. Lu 10:1; Ac 8:4; 11:20-21
3.       We are called to share our faith in Christ and be prepared to share with anyone who asks, but the conversion of a sinner to Christ is the work of the Holy Spirit. God doesn’t hold us responsible for the out-come if we have faithfully communicated the gospel. 1Pe 3:15, Heb 12:25
4.      The most powerful attraction to an unbeliever can be a life transformed by the Christ. Verbal expression of the gospel is essential but may be rendered powerless without a changed life.  Joh 13:35, 1Pe 3:1 
5.      Evangelism is the bridge between a love for God and for others. Rom 5:5, 2Co 5:14, Joh 15:13 
6.       Knowing and using Bible is essential in leading one to Christ; it doesn’t mean perfect KJV quoting with ch & vs. Rom 1:16, Act 8:30, 35 
7. The most effective evangelists are the most obedient committed Christians. Look at Andrew, Peter, Phillip, Paul, Barnabas, etc.
8. We can’t give away what we don’t have: e.g. a deep appreciation for grace; a love for Jesus Christ; The love of God. Lu 7:47
9. Biblically and historically successful revivals and evangelism are accompanied by prayer. Act 1:14, Act 11:5, Act 16:25, Ro 12:12
10. When we intelligently and compassionately share our faith it pleases God, no matter what the outcome. Act 17:32-34
11. Every Believer should know how to share the gospel and their faith with others, and be ready and willing. 1Pe 3:15
12. The most effective evangelism is simple and sincere. Ac 2, Jn 3 and 4.
13. Evangelism starting at a person’s need, tieing in the gospel, is more successful than efforts detached from the person. Joh 4:13-17,
14. Evangelism is not to be limited by human convenience or preference.  Act 11:12, Act 8:25-27
15. Evangelism that occurs when a person has a friendship, credibility, accessibility, and trust often has more success than a ‘cold call’ type. Act 2:46-47

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