Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Important Questions From Ministers and Churches

Thom Raller of Lifeway fame, has shared a few of his favorite Questions that he has received. I think they deserve a hearing... or viewing.

· Who is the worst pastor in the United States?

· Is it illegal to kill a bad deacon?

· Should I be concerned if most of the members are complaining about the length of my sermons?

· Should we report our church split as a new church start?

· Can you give me a list of all the churches in America that are either growing or not growing?

· Would you please recommend me to serve as pastor of one of the largest 100 churches that don’t currently have a pastor?

· Our church had 210 in average worship attendance a year ago. Today the attendance is 640. Is that good?

· Would you serve as a reference on my resume? I’m sorry about what I said about you on that blog.

· My wife does not like my sermons. Can you help me?

· Our church has run off seven pastors in the past eight years. Do you think we have a problem?

To that I would add some that have come my way:

  • What if my church doesn't notice when I say something heretical?
  • Our church had 110 a year ago, now its at 55, should I be concerned?
  • Is giving people a free breakfast on Sundays and a $5 gas card at the end of the service a good way to build the Kingdom?
  • What other kind of job can a pastor get if he gets fired?
  • Is it true some people pray for More funerals?

To this I would also add, love your church, love your pastor, talk to him not about him, and accept him as a frail creature of dust, desperately in need of God's wisdom.

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