Friday, January 6, 2012

One Anothering

I didn't invent that phrase. It has apparently been used for years. The first time I recall hearing it is when I heard pastor Al Meredith speaking to a group of ministers in Fort Worth. Al is pastor of Wedgwood Baptist,which, in 1999, was the site of multiple shootings by a lone gunman during an evening youth rally. As you can imagine, that shakes a church up.
One of the things they needed to do was love one another in a more genuine fashion than they ever had. The shallow form of loving one another most church members do wasn't going to cut it when a tragedy like that struck the church body.
But do we have to wait for tragedy?
Actually tragedies often cause us to do many things. Increase our sense of security by installing an alarm system on the house or motion sensor lighting. We remind our selves to be more thankful and treasure the days God gives us. We try to remember not to take people for granted. We try to not hold things too tightly lest the Lord take them away from us and at the same time to love more deeply while we have the chance. All in all tragedy is a real bummer, but it has a silver lining.
So, in light of all that, maybe it will help to return to the simple command of Christ; "Love one another." Simple? Yes. Fun? Maybe. Easy? Not really. But a command just the same.
There are a dozen or so verses in the New Testament where we are told to love one another. Jesus said it several times, as did Paul, John, and Peter. Seems like an important teaching of the New Testament, eh?

So how do we do that?
Let me suggest some other "One Another" verses in the Bible and let you look down the list to see which of these you are doing. If "loving" is "doing" then these ought to get the love flowing. Feel free to check off the things you've done in the last couple months.

Wash one another's feet.

in love serve one another.
In honour preferring one another;
receive ye one another,
Salute one another
Greet ye one another with an holy kiss. (2x)
Greet ye one another with a kiss of charity.
Be kind one to another,
forgive one another,
Bear ye one another's burdens,
forbearing one another in love;
Forbearing … and forgiving one another,
comfort one another with these words.
teaching and admonishing one another
admonish one another.
edify one another,
exhort one another
exhorting one another:
consider one another to provoke unto love.

So, how did you make out? Are you One Anothering?
Think its time to start? Or step it up a notch?

Maybe you're doing well. Maybe all your checkmarks are in the teach, admonish, exhort category. If so, work on the "Be Kind and forgiving" group.

Consider this training for Heaven. After eons of worship, praise and celebration we all have to live together for eternity! 
Can't wait, can you?

God Bless you all, Bro. Clark

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