Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Great Blogster

I'd like to write a great blog. Really! I mean an eye-popping, show-stopping, flip-flopping ogre of a blog.
Why? I can hear it now: "Brother Clark's Blog has sent shockwaves through the Christian community and the president has called for a week long fast for America to repent before God. Harvey Bolander, CNN news."
That, my friends, would be so cool!

I might get a mention by, Challies, or DeYoung, or Phil Johnson, or (do I shudder to think) Mark Driscoll.
Matt Chandler would probably mention me cause I'm a fellow Texan, and my son-in-law Mark went to his alma mater and he's a really nice guy.
But, I have no big shocking news. I don't have any great scoop like seeing His-self the elf Benny Hinn holding hands with some young blonde up and coming pentecostal preacher lady. I got zip. And I can't out satire @Xianity and make something up.

Oh I could robbell ya and ask a lot of questions to make you think I believed something really bizarre. But who really cares about that. Rob Bell's name is now a verb anyway, like mclarenizing. Big Deal.

What if I wrote the penultimate defense of God's sovereignty in election and made everybody say, "Ohhhh, That's why the road to hell is wide and full." But they won't. Most people are on that road anyway.

What if I was to... oh whats the use?
Maybe I'll just go do something like tell folks about God's saving work in Jesus and not even blog about it. Or preach about it. Or justify my existence as a pastor with it. Just go back to what I was doing on the streets of San Marcos Texas in 1973; handing out tracks, telling folks that Jesus saves and inviting them up to some Christian counter-culture coffee-house to hear the gospel sung about and explained. Now all I gotta do is find a coffee-house that does that.

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  1. Good post. I don't know whether to laugh or feel guilty. I think I'll go eat ice cream and ponder.


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