Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rep Weiner is a Hot Dog

So now top democrats are calling for Rep. Weiner (D) to resign. I'm not sure why, except they're embarrassed. He hasn't been formally charged with indecent exposure or contributing to the delinquency of a minor, although he is surely guilty of both simply due to the nature of the internet.
Here's the thing, First he has a really unfortunate name for the problems he has. And, secondly, not only as a Christian, but also as a father of three girls and grandfather too, I'm offended at his conduct as a public figure and elected representative of the people. I don't think his behavior is representative of a great many of his constituents. And thirdly, while the liberal media has been slow to criticize, compared with Rep. Foley and the thousands of emails from Former Gov. Palin which was making people salivate with possibilities but so far, nada, zip, zero; still, they have dealt with it some and the reason they have been reluctant to is it's really not "hard news" and its kinda embarrassing. Well, for Democrats, anyway, and most TV reporters are.

But there's another thing that bothers us. We are him and he is us and we are all together. Most men don't feel this way when a guy gets caught acting gay, because frankly there aren't many of us who even relate to that. (The number of gays in society is often greatly exaggerated.) But when it comes to getting caught up in a texting/flirting/sexting situation? Yeah, it could happen to any of us given the right situation. Or, at least, any of us guys could be tempted by a situation like this. I, personally, can't imagine allowing a pic of me nekkid floating around out there. But explicit emails? Yeah, it could happen to I said, given the Right situation. (May it never happen to me!)

This leads me to be thankful, once again, for GRACE! Grace, as I taught some grade school children this week, is getting something good you don't deserve. God's grace is shown in so many ways because we don't deserve ANYTHING good to happen to us. A few clouds on a hot day? Grace! A nice rain after a dry spell? Grace! Forgiveness no matter what kind of bone-headed things we've done? Grace! I feel bad for Weiner, (Darn, what is his first name, I'd rather use that!) He got caught doing something stupid. Something God can forgive, but many of his constituents won't. And, if it's as bad and widespread as it seems to be, then that's probably as it should be. But poor representative friend, and you know who I mean, God will forgive you, if you humble yourself before Him and His Messiah Jesus Christ. As Jeremiah said, call on God and he will answer and show you great and might things! Jesus Saves and forgives!


  1. Well said - We all should pray for this man. However, consequences to sinful, foolish choices can be painful. - Just ask King David... In fact, some of our choices can ruin our life, certainly our credibility.

    There are no winners in this sad situation...

  2. Good point. It's so easy to flog these guys for their sins, but of course they're sinners. Why are we surprised? We all are. People in power just have a broader audience for sin and exposure. (Not that I don't think there should be consequences for this kind of behavior in a public office.)


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