Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Long Tommy; Here, There or In the Air!

Yesterday Facebook informed me, in one of those little boxes in the upper right corner of my home page, that it was Tommy Teague's Birthday. I didn't send him a birthday message because I figured he'd get a hundred or more.

Tommy pastors a large church on the northeast edge of Fort Worth, North Richland Hills Baptist Church. He was a mentor to me in my final semester of seminary in 2007, even though we were almost the same age. He encouraged me, challenged me, asked me hard questions, and prayed for me.

He used to serve on staff at First Baptist Dallas, an even larger church where part of his duties included helping their long time pastor, W.A.Criswell, to facilitate his plans and assist him in ministry.

Today I hear that early this morning, while in his hotel room in Israel, where he was leading a group through a Holy Land tour, he died of a heart attack.

I'm really sad. I know he's in Heaven, I know he is blissfully ecstatic beyond any of our wildest dreams. But Even though we weren't "close", I know he will be sorely missed by his church, his bride, his children, and everyone who knew him.

That a man as busy as he is would take the time to meet with me every week for 14 weeks when he had no vested interest in helping me, but just did it to serve the Lord, that makes a mark on your life. The way he did it left an even bigger mark. I learned from him. I still can play back in my mind several things he said to me.

Years ago, when I was a young Christian in my late teens, some of us had a saying when we were saying goodbye to each other: "Here there or in the air." Implying we'd see each other around whether here on earth, in Heaven, or during the rapture while we were heaven bound flying upwards.

Now I know, I'll see Tommy not here or in the air, but definitely I'll see him there!
Dr. Tommy Teague.

So long my friend.

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  1. DO you still blog? I was looking but couldn't find it. Thanks for your kind words by the way. I was going back over some posts and came across yours. Thanks again.


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